Xtreme Rewards Return for 2021-22 Season

Xtreme Rewards are back!

Join the Havoc Rewards program today to earn points redeemable for select Havoc prizes and experiences. Along with new prize items, a full schedule, team roster, and a link to buy Havoc merchandise can be found on the Official Havoc App.

Download the app HERE


This season, the Havoc will continue to offer great prizes like t-shirts, signed logo pucks, specialty night jerseys, and even in-game experiences. New prizes may become available as the season progresses.


In the events tab, users will see a full month calendar. On the calendar, days with dots have games, and users can view future games as well. Events for the selected month are listed unless a particular day is selected.


Fans can earn bonus points and exclusive prizes in the form of punch cards. Punch cards are designed to award fans for attending a set number of games during each month. Prizes may be an item prize or a flat number of points awarded. Punch cards will appear on the points page as they become available.


As the season progresses, the Havoc will add new ways to earn points and more rewards and experiences. Fans can cash in those reward points for gift cards, tickets to a future game, autographed pucks, or jerseys. The team is also offering the chance to receive a greeting video from your favorite player, hang out in the penalty box during warm-ups before the game, or have the Havoc mascots – Chaos and Ruckus – deliver a pizza right to your seat.

There may be a limited number of rewards or experiences and they are subject to change without notice, but the Havoc will be sure to reward their loyal fans throughout the season. In fact, Havoc fans can earn their first points toward this year’s rewards right now by entering the promo code backatfullcap .

To download the app, visit HavocRewards.com. For any questions regarding Havoc Rewards, contact the Havoc Office at 256-518-6160 or cgrospitch@huntsvillehavoc.com