Season Tickets


Due to the restriction in seating capacity and a reasonable expectation that these restrictions could change prior to or during the upcoming season, we will not be able to provide season tickets for the 2020-21 season. It’s not the decision we wanted to make, and we know it’s not what you want to hear. The number of seats available in the current restricted seating plan makes it impossible to guarantee everyone their seat for the upcoming season. For this reason, only single-game tickets will be available for the 2020-21 season and will only be available for purchase through the VBC Box Office and The Havoc will not be able to sell tickets over the phone or directly from our office this season.

In order to encourage social distancing, seating in the VBC Propst Arena will be sold in ‘Pods.’ Each Pod will include various numbers of seats ranging from a single seat to pods with up to 6 seats.  When purchasing tickets in a Pod, the ticket buyer will be required to purchase ALL seats in that Pod. For example, a Pod of four seats can only be sold as four seats. A ticket buyer will not be able to purchase only 2 of the 4 seats in that Pod.

EXCEPTION: If you are a “Suite Holder” we are still working on our plan and we will contact each of you individually as soon as the final details are worked out with the VBC in accordance with State Guidelines.

The following options are available to you on how we handle your current 2020-21 Season Tickets and the money you have paid to date on those tickets.

Click here for 2020-21 Season Ticket Holder Options Form

OPTION A:  Transfer my 2020-21 Season Ticket Order to the 2021-22 Season (Default Option).

  • We will transfer your 2020-21 season ticket order to the 2021-22 season & REFUND you all that you have paid to date, except the $100 per seat non-refundable deposit
  • We will keep the $100 per seat non-refundable deposit and transfer it to your 2021-22 season ticket order.
  • We will enroll you in a PRESALE during which 2021-22 season ticket holders will be given the opportunity to buy 2020-21 tickets at a discounted rate. See Presale Phases and pricing below.


Sale Period Dates Details Bronze Level (300U) Silver Level (300L) Gold Level (200)
Presale Phase 1 Nov. 2 – Nov. 20 This phase is only available to season ticket holders that are purchasing ALL 21 scheduled home games for the 2020-21 season. $10 per game $12 per game $20 per game
Presale Phase 2 Nov. 23 – Dec. 4 This phase is available to season ticket holders that want to purchase some but not all scheduled home games for the 2020-21 season. $13 per game $16 per game $30 per game
General Public Dec. 5 Available to all ticket buyers. $15 per game $18 per game $40 per game

VBC Box Office Hours: Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm (Closed Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday)

OPTION B:  Refund all I have paid to date on my 2020-21 season tickets and do not reserve my seat for the 2021-22 season.


Your choice must be made by October 27th by completing this form:  2020-21 Season Ticket Holder Options Form


We will begin processing REFUND CHECKS as soon as your choice is submitted on Google Forms.

If and when any significant changes happen, we will update you by email. A lot has changed during the first six months of this pandemic and we should expect a lot more to change in the time leading up to Opening Night and before our season ends on May 1.

We are confident that you understand this is not a decision we wanted to make and ask that you continue to stand by us during these times of uncertainty. We look forward to December 26th when we officially start the quest for the President’s Cup alongside you!

Please review the FAQ section below and if you have questions that are not answered, please contact us at


Q: Will I be able to purchase tickets from Ticketmaster during the pre-sale period?

A: No. Tickets will ONLY be available to purchase at the VBC Box Office during the pre-sale. The Box Office will have a list of Season Ticket Holders that are eligible to purchase during the pre-sale.

Q: Will I be able to keep my same seat location?

A: Unlikely, although it is possible that some people will get lucky and be able to sit in or near their same seat location.

Q: Will I be able to call the Box Office and buy my tickets over the phone.

A: No.

Q: Can I buy my tickets from the Havoc Office?

A: No. The Havoc Office will not sell any tickets during the 2020-21 season.

Q: I am not a 2021-22 Season Ticket Holder, when can I purchase tickets for the 2020-21 Season?

A: December 5th will be the first day you can buy tickets.  At that point you can buy from Ticketmaster or the VBC Box Office.

Q: I am a 2021-22 Season Ticket Holder, but I did not buy my tickets during the pre-sale, can I still get the pre-sale price when I buy tickets and can I buy from the Havoc office?

A: No.  On December 5th ALL tickets will be sold at the higher Single Game price, from Ticketmaster or the VBC Box Office.

Q: How many home games will the Havoc play this season?

A: The Havoc are scheduled to play 21 Home Games between December 26 and May 1.